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A New Smile for Christi

(Updated November 1st, 2016)

   Christi at the Oregon Dunes!  

This page of Cascadia Country has been set up as an information page for our daughter, Christi, to tell her story regarding her dental implants and to provide an opportunity for those that would like to donate to Christi's Dental fund.

Donations can be made in one of three ways:

1. A GoFundMe donation account has been set up at the link below:


2.  A Donation by Check can be made payable to "Christi Turner"  
     and mailed to: Cascadia Country 17000 Trout Dr. Mt. Vernon, WA 98274

3.  Credit Card or Check Donations can be made on behalf of Christi by contacting her Dentist's office:

Dr. Timothy Marker PC  Attn: Sarah
2210 Kulshan View Dr.  Mount Vernon, WA 98273  
(360) 424-1300


 Here's a bit more information regarding her last couple of years:

 In October, 2014, Christi had to have major oral surgery to remove several teeth and a couple of cysts in her upper jaw and then rebuild her jaw with new bone.  Thankfully, though the oral surgeon was concerned that the cysts would be cancerous, the report came back a month later that they were benign!  

During the last two years, she did not wear temporary teeth because of the expense and because she was told that the “temporaries” could damage the new bone growth.   Dental Implants have recently been installed and Christi will have 5 crowns placed once the implants are ready to receive teeth.

The total process would take nearly 3 years and cost nearly $25000.  In the early stages, when we knew this process would be necessary to heal her jaw and restore her smile, it seemed like an insurmountable mountain to climb, both in endurance and a huge financial burden.  But we serve a BIG God!

And though we considered doing a fundraiser to take some of the financial pressure off of Christi, she did not want to at the time because she did not want to put this financial burden on her family and friends.  So, over the last 2 years, Christi and her family have been able to set aside nearly $20000 toward the implants with less than $5000 to go to reach the final goal and have this mountain conquered so she would be able to move forward with her life.

Recently, Christi received a phone call from a Dentist who had done some previous dental work several years ago.  Apparently, an anonymous special person donated some money to help with Christi’s dental costs, but had unknowingly donated to the wrong dentist! A couple of days later, that person contacted the dentist again and found out it was the wrong dentist and the money was refunded back to the donor.

In our hearts we knew that God was saying it was time to reach out to others with an opportunity to bless Christi by setting a goal to eliminate this financial burden by Christmas, 2016!  Over 75% of this mountain has been climbed so we’re reaching out with a GO FUND ME page in case you would like to share in Christi’s life so that as much as possible of this burden can be lifted off of her going into 2017. We are very proud of Christi for her endurance and determination to push forward and we're looking forward to seeing the joy in her heart radiating through her brand new smile in 2017! 

Thank you for your prayers for Christi and if you would like to help a bit financially, that would be a HUGE BLESSING!




 Pictures of Christi below have been taken over the last few years
and can also be found on her Facebook page!


      christi12.jpg christi13.jpg christi5.jpg christi27.jpg  
       christi14.jpg  christi7.jpg  christi9.jpg  christi2.jpg  
       christi15.jpg  christi6.jpg  christi18.jpg  christi31.jpg  
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 christi16.jpg  christi20.jpg  christi25.jpg
 christi24.jpg  christi22.jpg